J.F. Kelly

Comments (from readers to excerpt postings on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and TUMBLR) about A Woman's Pleasure

How in the world do you write page after page, of beautiful and actual physical and emotional sexual enjoyment and intimacy? Where does this amazing thought pattern come from?
- Carla
Amen! Let's keep it real like that. Keep it coming. Them words pour like honey thru your mouth!!
- Nicole
And a big thumbs up, it’s nice to hear that.
- Cindy
Beautiful this is simply amazing. Hat's off to you for this. I love it.
- Anderinetta
Could not be truer! I can't wait to get my hands on this book!
- Dolce
My husband could pick up a thing or two from this book, too.
- Sharon
Good visual presence!
- Darlene
Great description. My visualization abilities are great. Took me back to a time.........Thank you!
- Catherine
I am drawn to your writing. Puts me right in the moment!
- Marcia
I can't wait for the book to go on sale well done!
- Donna
I can't wait to read this book. It conveys my sentiments exactly. I am all about finding my pleasure...with words and action. I can't wait to indulge myself in this book.
- Judith
I have never been so ANXIOUS about reading a book. I love to read but being anxious is a first for me. HURRY UP JUNE!
- Lisa
I hope that I can have that kind of connection with someone someday. Guys are just difficult though. Oh well, your excerpts make good reading anyways and your book looks promising. I look forward to it.
- Sherice
I like your words and fantasies.
- - Alice
I love this page. Also have invited over 100 of my friends to come and check it out.
- John
I love your posts. Thank you for sharing pieces of your book. I can't wait to read it!!
- Gretchen
If only your book were required reading.
- Darlene
If you do a book tour, think about coming to Richmond, VA
- Lisa
Incredible! I Love this!
- Shirley
It's about time!!! Thank you!
- Lisa
Kelly, I have been following your sneak previews since last year! As is I can hardly contain myself till your book is available in South Africa (belovedly known as Mzansi). A Woman's Pleasure touches the core of my sensuality and embraces the basic truth of life.
- Yama
I couldn't have said it better. Kudos to you.
- Sharon
Love it!
- Tracy
Passion romantic and beautiful. I love it
- Anderinetta
Saint Louis!
- -Raquel
Sounds amazing!
- Carla
Sounds like a winner!!!!!
- Ashleigh
Thank you! I appreciate the thoughtfulness in your writing!
- Wanda
In this post, you capture the companionship, just being next to each other. Quality time...love it!
- Iris
This is a pretty damn good book!
- Sam
This particular excerpt makes me feel dreamy and at peace. Your writing and imagery is lovely.
- Sharon
This will definitely be #1 on the bestseller list. Would you please post here when it will be released? Would you allow us to purchase an autographed copy?
- Cindy
Very nice!
- Donna
Where did you come from? Your imagery is beautiful! Your lovemaking scenes are exquisite. You really do capture the afterglow so accurately.
- Theresa
You are fantastic with words! I love that talent. You’re blessed.
- Natasha
You put the words together perfectly. Can't wait for more!!!!
- Diane
Your posts are beautiful.
- Becky
I would love to just one day walk up to you one day out of the blue and just sit and talk for hours just enjoying each other's company. Your words have open up a new chapter in my life that has touched my heart over and over again with your different posts.
- Anderinetta
Thank you for your reply I do read your post daily and some I share in my page your written word lifts me and gives me some hope. I look forward to reading your book and losing myself within it.
- Susan
I love this post: "In emotional sexuality there is mutuality, affection, and respect. Both persons involved actively choose to be with each other, participate in the lovemaking encounter, and, most importantly, ensure that each gets completely satisfied." I totally feel the same way.
- Sandi
I sure hope this is not the only book you write because in my opinion this one is already sold out and it hasn't hit the shelf yet.
- Anderinetta
J.F.Kelly where are all these beautiful postings coming from? If it's a book I want to read it! If it's from your heart I want to marry you! No really....keep them coming. They are beautiful.
- Cory
- Dana
I love the way you think & how you feel a relationship should be. If you don't mind I would love to share this with someone special in my life. He is deployed at this time & I know how he will react to this.
- Diana
Are you a novel writer? Your posts look interesting and romantic, and your thoughts are handsome. The words you write motivate minds. Keep goingggggggg.
- Isabel
You are truly putting a new perspective to my deepest fantasies and desire with your words. You truly have a gift that is going to touch both females and males. What a blessing this is.
- Anderinetta
This looks like a MUST READ. I will then give as gifts to all my friends if it lives up to this!
It is refreshing for me to see a young person with such great insight, wisdom, and common sense. I will pray that you be continually blessed and strengthened. I appreciate you J.F
- Melinda
Can't wait to read this! Hopefully some of what you write will come true for me as I search for Mr. Right.
- Melissa
Your words touch the heart. It's almost as if the word were a physical caress. I have never read anything by you, but now I know I will search for something of yours to read!
- Sera
If it lives up to the pre-release hype, it may be as ground breaking as Masters and Johnson, only from the emotional and libido side rather than mechanics, and serve to make both men and women much happier and better sexual partners which promotes commitment and bonding. If so, kudos to the author and many well deserved $$$$$$$$ for the truth, rather than 50 Shades of bizarre and porno which is often too close to the same BDSM with only taking and no real giving.
- Susan
Where did you come from? Oh my!
- Teresa
Your writing skills really make the reader FEEL your words. Keep doing and writing what you feel passionate about. I love it! You inspire me!
- Tracey
To desire and be desired is something each of us yearns for. I sure do. The magic is when it happens between a man and a woman who respect each other, and where there is mutuality and consensus between the two of us.
- Kristina
The book clearly says that men need to realize that women take longer than men to get aroused. I agree. Let the passion for both build up, until both partners are ready. Then it is truly pleasurable and satisfying for both partners.
- Laurel
Holy shit! That made me blush! Lol, that's lush! Sweep you off your feet stuff!
- Tash
I so love reading this book, one you find yourself going back to over and over again!
- Sally
What can I say to these stories!! Aaaah.
- Yvonne
I love the way you tell these stories, because at the back of my mind I just imagine all of this happening to me!
- Carroll
Drooling n drooling n droooooling.......oh drooling!
- Nomonde
Mmmm, sounds so good... sigh...!
- Jen
Wow that's amazing, I love romantic evenings. This book definitely gets you in the mood.
- Carol
What sweet 'n sexy stories. I really feel some some some and a lots of some...oooohhhhh!
- Sahib
Sweet, wow! What a romantic day, mmm......!
- Fish
A Woman's Pleasure! There are such kind & thoughtful words throughout the book. Thank you.
- Jennie
Even if if I had one man like that, out of the 25 you write about, I would enjoy him from head to toe without no stopping except when he had got tired.
- Sabrina
Ohhhhhhhhhh jeeeeeeeez! The book and its stories bought back all those good memories. It's hard to explain, but I feel so good!
- Pamela
Mmmm. Your stories are all so yummy!
- Sarah
The book and its many stories of lovemaking, desire and sexual interactions are pure ecstasy!
- Ross
Love this whole book. The stories are teaching me a great deal about lovemaking and how to pleasure and get pleasure. I thought I knew everything. Now, I definitely know a lot more!
- Billie
Women should be equal players in the sexual equation. Women express their sexuality as intensely as men. Women, as much as men, should drive the lovemaking decisions and directions. This book - A Woman's Pleasure - captures and reflects that mutuality.
- Eileen
Each of us has a heart, a soul and feelings. Each of us desires to be wanted, to be appreciated and to be loved. The enchantment in life is to discover and spend time with another person who knows that and expresses it.

In this context, the liberation of our naked bodies in the act of sex is what gives us ultimate pleasure. We long and endlessly search for these moments. When we experience them, we remember them for a lifetime!

These delightful moments are sprinkled throughout A Woman's Pleasure.
- Lorraine
The book, A Woman's Pleasure, is loaded with a variety of guys pleasing women and getting pleased at the same time. All are great sexual fantasies for women. The men, their personalities, their physical characteristics and their personal styles are described in detail. They are all different, yet, all very sexual, very sensual, very desirable and all reachable, loving and respectful. What every woman wants in a man are in these pages.
- Elliot
Women's desires are now as mainstream as men's desires. This book, A Woman's Pleasure, consistently reflects the equally intense sensual and sexual expressions of women and those of men.
- Linda
A Woman's Pleasure is full of different sexual positions (many, many more than missionary and doggie) and different places; the beach, a corn field, a truck, the wilderness, a grocery store, a dressing room in a clothing store, the LR couch, the LR floor, the DR table, the kitchen, the balcony and, oh yes, the bed with a mirror on the ceiling.

A delicious read for new ideas, new approaches and discovering novel ways to making love and pleasuring each other. Read the book alone to engage your fantasies and put them into high drive, or with your lover. You will not be reading for long. LOL!
- Stuart
Over 125 romps in the hay! In A Woman's Pleasure there is something for everybody.
- Marnie
Every one dreams of sex this way!
- Martha
A Woman's Pleasure is "no holds barred" sensual, sexual, lovemaking between men and women with women participating in, and driving the choices and directions, as much as the men. Unabashed. Explicit. Pleasurable.
The book, A woman's Pleasure will bring out the best in you. Dimmed lights, candlelight, and soft lighting, so you can still see each other, touch each other where ever you desire, and feel each other everywhere and completely. Men's assets (25 very different men) described in detail for your pleasure.
- Brenda
Sensual, sexual, lovemaking adventures and fantasies of 25 very different men that give you insights, angles and perspectives of what women want from men; the women get what they want and more, while both sexes get fully satisfied, in A Woman's Pleasure.
- Cindy
This book, A Woman's Pleasure, will help you celebrate the act of expressing your lovemaking. Some people keep their lovemaking in the dark, some sweep it under the carpet, some deny its existence and others contaminate it with past teachings from the different institutions they were exposed to. A Woman's Pleasure makes lovemaking natural and enjoyable.
- Lawrence
It feels so great to be held and kissed by someone who wants you as much as you desire them. Making love and being intimate is so completely enchanting.
- Marilyn
Playful, yet serious, A Woman's Pleasure is jam-packed with sensual sexual expressions of experiences and fantasies with mutual respect and regard between men and women who make the time necessary to enjoy each other with foreplay, satisfaction and afterglow!
- Sarah
The book, A Woman's Pleasure, unlocks the elusive secrets of a woman's pleasure peak. Women will enjoy and revel in these lovemaking stories; men will become better lovers from reading them.
- Gary
In A Woman's Pleasure, not only is oral sex used as foreplay, very often, a powerful sexual experience is often created by making oral sex the main action. In many cases, women orgasm more intensely and consistently from first, having their entire body kissed; and then, having their partner go down on them, than they do from penetration, alone.

In A Woman's Pleasure there are a variety of sensual, lovemaking actions including kissing, oral, penetration. There are many short stories, and many different men and something for everyone!
- Janice
Adventures and fantasies abound in A Women's Pleasure - adventures and fantasies of intimacy, of lovemaking, sensual and sexual expression between men and women, but, the best part of it, is that it is mutual, giving, and surrounded by romance, respect and caring.
- Leo
A Woman's Pleasure conveys a variety of real-life sexual, loving and lovemaking encounters where self-satisfaction is not the goal, but rather where the satisfaction of each other is the journey. It is consensual and consistently portrays a mutual bond and fulfillment of both people in the connection.

Lovers need to take the time to pleasure each other and in pleasuring their partner, they will find themselves get pleasured.

Many men as well as some women err in only pleasing themselves. This book, and its many short stories, illustrates just the opposite.

The book is explicit, detailed and open. It may make you blush, but it is straightforward, honest and genuine.
- Susanne
For some people, the book, A Woman's Pleasure, is homage to sexual experiences, memories and fantasies.

As you establish a career, get married, have children, have pets, and settle into patterns that those around you, can rely upon, the time you make for sexual activities, and intense and varied lovemaking diminishes over time, but your memories and fantasies of your sexual experiences never fade.

This book and its many short stories of sexual encounters and lovemaking will reinvigorate and stir your imagination and bring back all your memories and fantasies to life.
- Clara
Each of the men featured in A Woman's Pleasure, describe their sexual adventures and fantasies quite explicitly but always in an aura of mutuality, and sharing. The stories are hot.

The men are completely difference from each other, and each do it differently and have very different sexual experiences and fantasies; but they share many common personal characteristics like being capable, good listeners, physically fit, well-groomed, loyal, devoted and liking children.

There is a man, or several, that you will go back to many times over.
- Sylvia
Generally, most people cannot live without love and sex. It's absolutely important to enjoy both; perhaps not always at the same time, but mostly. Memories of loving and sensual, sexual experiences means, a life lived to the fullest.
- Franco
A Woman's Pleasure is not for the prudes who find it difficult to even mention the word sex. The book will appeal to those women and men who enjoy and celebrate sensual sex, mutually satisfying sexual encounters, and lovemaking to the fullest until each partner is completely gratified and exhausted.

The book is engaging, passionate, and abounds with sexual respect and fulfillment when women get together with men for lovemaking. The many short stories will stir your ardor and sexual fantasies and definitely get your love juices flowing.

One big clue in satisfying sex is: who usually initiates sex? Is it the woman or is it the man?

In A Woman's Pleasure, the women initiate sex as much or more than men because the lovemaking they are getting from their men is pleasurable, sensual, and satisfying. They are turned-on by the men with whom they make love. When men meet or exceed their woman's fantasies, not only are the women pleasured, so are the men.

The book's short stories are full of lovemaking positions and sexual expressions through real-life experiences that make both men and women better lovers.
- Darlene