J.F. Kelly

A Woman's Pleasure conveys a variety of real-life sexual, sensual, and lovemaking encounters between men and women, where self-satisfaction is not the goal, but rather where the satisfaction of each other is the journey.

It is consensual and consistently portrays a mutual bond and fulfillment of both people in the connection. Women drive the lovemaking and sensual, sexual encounters as much as the men do.

Lovers need to take the time to pleasure each other and in pleasuring their partner, they will find themselves get pleasured.

Many men as well as some women err in only pleasing themselves. "A Woman's Pleasure" and its many short stories, illustrate just the opposite.

The book is explicit, detailed and open. It may make you blush, but it is straightforward, honest and genuine.

Twenty-five very different men and their lovemaking adventures and fantasies including their first time, their most erotic and their most sensual experiences, are depicted in detail in "A Woman's Pleasure." All the lovemaking encounters (over 150) are different detailing many different positions in many different locations stirring your lovemaking fantasies and desires. There are no fetishes and no control issues in this book; only giving, sharing, pleasuring, consensual and mutual lovemaking.

There is skill, art and knowledge that men need to develop in pleasuring women and, in turn, being pleasured. Exposure to the stories, fantasies and real-life experiences portrayed in A Woman's Pleasure provide men and women with a myriad of short stories of lovemaking that is far beyond what any sex video or "how-to" sex book or manual can teach you. A delightful read for women, men and young men and women just starting out, who really want to be terrific and amazing in their lovemaking.

Playful, yet serious, "A Woman's Pleasure," is jam-packed with romance and sensual lovemaking with mutual respect and regard for each other, between men and women who make the time necessary to enjoy foreplay, satisfaction, and afterglow!

You definitely will be curious as to the next story, experience, and adventure. It works as a continuous read from the time you first open the book to the very last page, or as a series of short stories with each story taking no more than ten minutes. Over time, you will discover your favorite experiences and adventures and you will go back to them over and over again. It probably will end up being your bedside companion for a long time.

It can be read alone, with your lover, or with your marriage partner.

Finally, "A Woman's Pleasure" transforms sex and lovingmaking from "what was" and "what is" to "what can be".

A great gift for you and a great gift to give to the person you love!